The Mountain Path

Angel’s Landing Hike at Zion National Park

Hiking Angel’s Landing alone or with other hikers is one thing, but hiking with your own young children is a completely another experience. Young children are not recommended towards the top due to narrow sections that require holding on to the chain to stay on the mountain.

Angel's Landing

Chains for support on Angel’s Landing

I flip flopped between the excitement of the views and fear for my young children. At some point, I realized there is no need to worry, except to be careful on every step. I kept the kids focused on the climb and constantly reminded them that “every step matters”.

Angel's Landing  Narrow Climb Area

Narrow Climb Area

We made it safely to the top and back down in one piece – thank god! All in all, we did this in 3 hrs and this was a satisfying experience for all.

I see the makings of mountain climbers in my children. The mountain path has to experienced when young (safely of course!) and with a little nurturing, it will grow.

View from top of Angel's Landing

View from top of Angel’s Landing

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