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This is not Utah – This is Red River Gorge!!

Climber on double arch

A Climber on double arch

Red River Gorge, about 2 hrs east of Louiville, KY, is a backpacker, hiker and climber paradise with unlimited trails, wilderness and many natural bridges and arches that rivals Utah’s national parks.

I explored along this with family on a 5.7 mile trail that took us along Auxier Ridge Trail and then on to the Double Arch. Even in early spring, while the trees are still bare, we enjoyed the views of the steep canyons, with the clouds floating and gently moving below us, as we walked along the ridge of the gorge. The trail encounters some occasional descents and climbs, but nothing too strenuous – a very family friendly trail. First we got closeup views of the courthouse rock and from there, across the canyon, the arch becomes visible. We walked across the canyon and climbed up the ridge to reach the double arch.

What an arch!

What an arch!

The red rock and gorges resemble closely like the Utah rock formations – geologically they share a similar sculpting past.

A walk along the gorge

A walk along the gorge

We retired at the Cliffview Resort for the night which is very friendly and almost home like cozy environment with nice views all around.

On Day 2, we explored some trails walking along the beautiful red river, which had more of an emerald green color.

Red River

Red River

This trail crosses a hanging bridge which was a big hit with the kids!


I definitely see the need to visit again to do some training on my climbing skills.

Crossing the hanging bridge

Crossing the hanging bridge

This is also a great way to spend quality family time on the mountains.

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One thought on “This is not Utah – This is Red River Gorge!!

  1. Steve

    Love the pics! I have not made it to Kentucky for hiking yet but I have seen those mountains from I-75 while passing through many years ago. Gorgeous area.

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